Monday, February 16, 2009


This update was for Sunday (I got home too late to post that night).

When I said this to my nephew (Jeff Brawner) today - he said “they always do.” He is so right. Thank you, Jeff, for coming with your family to pray with Erin and Russ today.

Grant was feeling a bit better today. These may be little teeny tiny baby steps but to me they feel like leaps and bounds. Erin called when I was on my way to the hospital this morning to tell me Grant was on room air and looked better. He still has his nasal cannula but now it is only helping to push the room air when he breathes. They fed him 7 cc’s through his tube today but his digestion system is still not working quite right. They will try to feed him again tomorrow and if he is still having problems they will do an upper GI and see what is going on with that. Erin feels like it will be okay and that his feeding tube was too far in. The neonatologist told her they had backed it up a little so maybe this little problem will improve tomorrow.

I went in to visit Grant right before I left the hospital tonight and he was sleeping so well. His sats were good and he looked very comfortable. I’m thinking it was because I was there holding his little paci for him. (I’m sure you all agree with that - right?) We are not supposed to stimulate him in any way. He just doesn’t feel like being touched right now. Erin and Russ were told today they don’t have to wear gloves anymore so at least they have skin-to-skin contact now.

They kept Erin for at least one more night to treat her high blood pressure and high heart rate. Hopefully, this will be better today although she will stay in the hospital as long as they will let her.

Baby Grant still has a lot of progress to make but I will keep looking for those baby steps along the way……

Thank you again for all your prayers, support, and love.


Kaye Butler said...

He's so pretty! Of course he knew his grammy was holding that paci!

Anonymous said...

hey guys we are all praying for your quick arrival home as a family...let me know if there is anything you guys you all..elizabeth, travis, caleb, angela, and maddux

M & M said...

Those pics were amazing and adorable little grant is!!! awwww!:)