Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Precious Baby Boy’s Shower!

Erin’s baby shower was on January 10 and it was wonderful. She got so many nice things that I wasn’t sure where everything would go when she got home. Each and every present was ooohed and aaaahed over as she put things in their place. I have forgotten how much is needed for a new baby but she had a place for everything and Grant’s room is ready whenever he is! (Erin says the sooner the better.)

Erin is blessed to have great friends! Thanks to Laura, Crystal, Jillian and Liz for everything you did for Erin, Russ, and Grant! Thanks to Ashley for the beautiful cake!

Now we wait and I think this last month will be the longest of all. Erin is doing well with occasional episodes of tachycardia and high blood pressure that usually subside with a little rest. Next week the doctor said they will set a date for Grant’s birth. We are very excited about that!

I finally finished Grant's bedding and curtain! We have ordered his rug and that should be here next week!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Few More Christmas Pics!

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This Christmas was filled with so much fun, great memories, and wonderful family time. We celebrated on Christmas Eve with the kids getting their stockings from me. Luke got juggling balls (that was fun) and puzzles, Rylee got pens, paper (I think she will be a writer), and lip gloss, and Parker got a little hammer with sounds (he promptly decided that beating on my glass coffee table was the most fun of all). Before the stockings Luke read the story of Jesus’ birth from the bible and we talked about the true meaning of celebrating Christmas.

Christmas morning brought so much more and I doubt I could remember everything everyone got. Let’s just say it was more than enough! Luke’s favorite thing was a Wii that Mike got for Ashley’s entire family. We all have had fun playing it and my favorite is bowling. Rylee’s favorite thing was her doll house and her Tinkerbelle blanket from Santa, and Parker loved his Giggling Elmo chair.

I couldn’t let Christmas pass without presents for Grant. He got a new scrapbook (Erin is already busy working on that), a swaddler, and toys to hang from his car seat.

With Christmas now over until next year I am so happy to enter a year that will again be filled with new life. My blessings are many and I am so thankful for each one. We are eagerly anticipated Grant’s arrival and can’t wait to see his precious face.

Parker and his Giggling Elmo Chair.....

It's too bad we didn't have very many presents.........

All the stockings I made for the kids (except for Ashley and Erin's - A friend of mine - Jill Hamrick -made theirs over 20 years ago).