Wednesday, February 18, 2009


A short update for now!

Today was another great day for Baby Grant! He ate so well today (and was still wanting more). Erin said he would just go right to sleep after she burped him. Tonight they will be taking his umbilical IV out. That is a big step and one I will be glad to see happen. They told Erin he will be in a regular crib in the NICU in the next day or two and will be able to wear CLOTHES!!! She can’t wait to put some of his real clothes on him. Grant really has made LEAPS AND BOUNDS in his recovery over the past two days. The first four days were so scary.

The power of prayer is awesome! So many friends, relatives, and entire churches were praying for him on Sunday and so many of those prayers are being answered. What a difference a day makes! We are on our knees thanking God for our many blessings.

This was Erin and Russ’ first Valentine card from their little miracle!


Kaye Butler said...

That's too cute! I know ya'll can't wait to get home!

The Proctors said...

This is Begina (Brawner) Proctor and I've been keeping up with your blog! It's so nice to be able to keep up with family. I've also been praying for baby Grant (he is so adorable)!! I'm so glad that he is doing so much better! Erin looks so beautiful, too!