Monday, February 16, 2009


Today was the best yet with Grant being free of all tubes from his face. See how beautiful he is!

When I got to the hospital this morning Erin could hardly wait for Russ to take me to the NICU to see Grant and I wasn‘t sure why. She said be sure to take your camera so I thought something must be good. When we got there I was so surprised to see him with no tubes and he was just looking all around (I think he recognized me!). Then the nurse told us that he just had a bottle (his first breast milk) and drank 10cc’s. We were shocked because we thought that was at least a couple of days away. He tolerated it fine and they are no longer concerned about his digestive system. PRAYER ANSWERED!

In the afternoon Bro. Matt came to visit and prayed for Baby Grant. We enjoyed his visit so much. One (among many) specific prayer request was offered up and we can’t believe what happened on our next visit. At 4:00 p.m. we went to see Grant again and the nurse said to Erin “I think you need to hold your son and he needs for you to hold him.” So Erin and Russ spent the next hour holding and loving on him. This was also not expected for several more days. PRAYER ANSWERED! (Thank you Bro. Matt!)

Grant is still working hard to breathe but his sats are at 100 and you can’t get better than that. The breathing issues should get better over the next few days. He still has a few more days in the NICU for his pneumonia to clear up but he will be home, hopefully, before he is two weeks old. (Maybe way before if he keeps doing so well.)

Erin is doing well but is still pretty sore. Her blood pressure and high heart rate issues are starting to get better so she will probably be discharged tomorrow and they will move into the Hampton Inn which is on the hospital property. Russ is doing great and has been so good to Erin. I could sense a look of relief on his face today with so many positive things happening.

I can’t say enough or thank everyone enough for the prayers, support, and love over the past five days. Please continue to pray for Grant to breathe easier.

Will update tomorrow - love you all…………..


Kaye Butler said...

They all look so great! Grant is a keeper. He looks so serious and a lot like his mom. Sorry again Russ.