Saturday, September 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandma!!!

Mother turned 89 on September 14 and we all celebrated together for her birthday this year. Only Keith could not come but he had to work so we excused him, however, this is his notice that we expect him to make it next year for her 90th!!!!! Lynda and Wayne brought Mom to Wynne since I had to drive up from New Orleans for the party. I appreciate them so much for doing that – thanks again Lynda and Wayne! Mike cooked her favorite (Boston Butt), Erin made potato salad, and Wayne made baked beans. Ashley made her a beautiful birthday cake (Red Velvet)! It was all delicious!!! She got lots of nice presents and Luke and Rylee helped her blow out her candles (a few times since the candles were the relighting ones – ha!). The weather was beautiful so we hung out on the deck and watched Luke and Rylee swim. Thankfully Mike had heated the pool since it was only in the 70’s that day! Luke brought his dirt bike and had lots of room to ride after he was through swimming. All in all it was a very nice day and I think Mom was worn out by the time she got back home that night. We now look forward to celebrating her 90th next year………..