Saturday, June 28, 2008


I have had so many happy “moments” in my life and I am so thankful for all of them. The best of these “moments” involved the births of my children and grandchildren. Now I get to talk about the “proud” moments as well. For the second time (the first time was for Ashley), I have had the pleasure of jumping up and down when one of my daughters found out she had passed the most dreaded nursing test EVER.

ERIN PASSED THE NCLEX EXAM! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is now officially Erin Oguin, R.N. and had a great time today at work signing her name with the R.N. added. When she signed onto the Arkansas Board of Nursing website and saw that she passed she had all the nurses she works with at LeBonheur look at the screen so she knew she wasn’t just seeing things.

For those who are not familiar with the NCLEX exam, no one has ever taken the test and felt confident that they passed. It is an individualized test where your answer to each question determines the next question you get.

I am so proud of both of my daughters and their accomplishments. Many years of nursing school and so many hours of studying and research are rewarded when they take that one test that determines their entire future.

CONGRATULATIONS ERIN! WE ARE ALL SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! There will be many tiny little NICU babies who will gets lots of love and special care from a very special nurse.

What could be better when I “eventually” get to my old age than to have two daughters who are nurses taking care of me..........

Monday, June 23, 2008


Happy 30th Birthday to Ashley! (Yes, I am late again - her birthday was June 10.) It is so hard to believe that Ashley is 30 years old. Seems like only yesterday that she was born and I held her in my arms – I was so excited! I turned 30 exactly one month before she was born and I never knew I could be so happy. She was so beautiful (still is) and never in my wildest imagination did I know what a blessing she was going to be. Ashley, thank you for being a wonderful daughter and for giving me three beautiful grandchildren! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

We all went to Memphis for her birthday to eat and then went to the Redbirds baseball game. Ashley told me way ahead of time that she did not want a surprise party for her 30th so we honored her wishes and let her choose what she wanted to do. We all had a great time.

Pete and the kids got Ashley a new laptop!

Luke and Rylee – downtown Memphis.
Redbirds Mascot – Rylee likes him okay as long as he doesn’t get tooooo close!
I know this picture is random - don’t ask where she got these glasses!

Until later...........

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy 23rd Birthday to Erin!!!

Happy 23rd Birthday to Erin! Erin’s birthday was on May 22 so I’m a little slow in posting. The week was rushed getting ready to go camping but we have been celebrating all month with graduation, my birthday, Russ’ birthday, Mike’s birthday, Mother’s Day, and then Erin’s BD. We all chipped in and bought Erin a GPS. She occasionally has a tendency to get lost when going to a strange place so we all thought a GPS would serve her well. (Besides, I can borrow it when I go on a trip! Maybe she got her sense of direction from me. Ya think!) She loves polka dots so her cake appropriately had polka dots on it. Her birthday cake was late due to all the chaos - she had just gotten home from work!
During our camping trip -

Parker had his first “finger food”

Pete learned how to play “Fish”

Rylee and Parker shared the Pack and Play (Rylee hated it when she was little but just had to get in it with Parker)

It was nice to be at the park and relax. The weather was just right except for the last day when it was way too hot. The air conditioning in the camper is great and I slipped away every afternoon for a wonderful short nap in the camper under the very cold air.

Now, just a few random pictures!

Have you ever seen a sweeter face?

I received a Hydrangea from Lynda when Ashley and Erin’s Pappaw George died and this is the first year it has bloomed. I have babied this plant and was so happy to see it bloom this year. The frost killed the blooms last year when I was in New Orleans.

Erin getting her graduation ring from Russ. Luke was happy too! (Erin looks like Kellie Pickler in this picture - everyone at the hospital calls her Kellie!)

Ashley after graduation thinking I sure am glad this is not me graduating and facing the dreaded "NCLEX" exam!

Erin and Crystal - Saturday night at Crystal's wedding. She was a beautiful bride! Congratulations Crystal and George!

That's all for now but today is Ashley's birthday so I will post again very soon......