Friday, November 27, 2009


Backup to last year when Erin was in the hospital Thanksgiving night due to blood pressure problems and facing a way too early delivery of Grant.  We had many reasons to be thankful since she did not have to deliver and Grant was born right on time in February.

And then there was the year before at Thanksgiving time when Parker made his entrance in a way too dramatic fashion.  Once again we were thankful that all was well with him too!  More on him later...

Fast forward to this year (in fact, just yesterday).  Grant was not feeling well and as the day wore on and our Thanksgiving celebration continued he started looking worse and worse.  Erin and I decided about 8:00 p.m. that he needed to go to the emergency room and get checked.   We were off to Memphis and after chest xrays, blood work, flu swab, RSV swab, oxygen and an IV they got a positive result for RSV.  So he was admitted to receive oxygen and IV fluids.  Today he is feeling a tiny bit better and we are hopeful he will get to come home this evening.   We are once again so thankful that he is better and very very thankful for Jill Davis (his ER nurse and Erin's friend for 20 years).   We were so happy to see her in the ER when we got there. 

On a lighter note - yesterday was Parker's 2nd BIRTHDAY!!!!  He had a great time and slowly opened all of his presents (Rylee thought he couldn't get them open fast enough for her to start playing with them).  We had a Mickey Mouse cake Ashley made AFTER we ate our Thanksgiving meal.  He is getting so big so fast and is as cute as a bug!  I love you so so much Parker.  Happy Birthday!

And in the middle of all of this Rylee and I worked to put up one of their Christmas trees!

Next year we are all going on a cruise to try to avoid our annual Thanksgiving trip to the hospital!!!!!