Friday, December 19, 2008

My Little Angel

Even though her hair is sometimes askew, her halo might be a little tilted, and she often has a dab of chocolate on her chin she is still my little angel and always will be…….

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

28 Weeks and all is well!

Erin went to see her OB doctor yesterday and everything is looking good. No word yet from the cardiologist but he seemed to think she is just going to have high blood pressure and a high heart rate during her pregnancy (more commonly known as gestational hypertension). She has an increased risk of preeclampsia but the doctor said he would tell her when and if it was time to start worrying about that! She is wearing a blood pressure monitor for 24 hours and since she is working today we will see if “work” causes her blood pressure to increase (like it did on Thanksgiving Day). I am so relieved and thankful for this good news and appreciate everyone’s prayers and support.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

“The Glorious Gift of Christmas”

Last night was Wynne Baptist’s annual Christmas banquet for women and it was so awesome. Ashley signed up to host a table for this event. It is unbelievable how much work these ladies put into their tables and it is quite a sight to see. Each hostess decides how to decorate their table with a certain theme. These range from nativity scenes, to flowers, and even to whimsical themes that are so much fun. This year Ashley chose to use as her theme “A Candy Christmas” and she did a beautiful job. Here are just a few of the tables from last night.

The speaker (Annie Chapman - and the praise music were inspiring and everyone left with a renewed sense of the true reason we celebrate Christmas.

I am looking forward to this Christmas season!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Update on Erin!

Erin went to see Dr. Stern (her regular OB) on Monday and he made her an appointment with a cardiologist on Friday. They will do an echo and another EKG and no telling what else. Dr. Stern was a little concerned with her rapid heart beat. I’m still hoping that this is nothing to worry about. However, I will continue to worry as that’s what I do best! On Monday she will go back to see Dr. Stern for another ultrasound. Her placental fluid levels appear to be a little high so they will be checking on that as well.

Dr. Stern did laugh and say he hopes her only problem is the "Nurses Curse." Then he added it could be genetic because Ashley is her sister. He is Ashley's doctor also. (We have banned Ashley from having any more kids due to all the drama she caused when Rylee and Parker were born!)

Does anybody out there think that we actually know too much these days with all the technology that is available today? Some days I think that’s true but know with all this knowledge the doctors are more capable of preventing and “fixing” so many things. I am so thankful for that.

Waiting on Friday…..