Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I know it has been a while since I posted but I spend my days either keeping Luke, Rylee, and Parker or working and at night I am at Erin’s keeping her company since Russ works evenings. (That way I get to hold and love on Grant a bunch!)

Luke, Rylee, and Parker have all been sick this week. Luke has the flu, Parker has an ear infection, and Rylee woke up with fever on Friday. This Winter has been rough on these three with at least one being sick all the time! Hopefully, the coming Spring weather will help them get well and stay that way for a while! Ashley and Pete are just about worn out.

Luke spent several days in Washington, D.C. this past week with his Grammy Janet. She was speaking before Congress on Tuesday but the other days were filled with seeing all the sites of Washington. Luke said his overall favorite thing was the plane ride and his favorite thing about Washington was the Capitol Building. Janet always gets tickets for a White House tour but after several contacts with Senator Lincoln she was told it wasn’t possible. Guess that’s typical of our current adminstration. His open door White House policy has apparently also been rescinded! Oh well, we better get used to it. Seems as though lots of his promises have been rescinded.
Hopefully I can get some of Luke’s pictures and post them. He turned out to be a pretty good photographer on his trip.

Grant is growing so fast we can’t stand it! He is really serious about his milk and you better not take it away or you will hear about it. He rarely ever cries and if he does it doesn’t last more than a few seconds. He loves to smile and show his cute dimples! Erin and I took him to the doctor today for a little congestion and he weighs - are you ready for this???? - 11 POUNDS AND 7 OUNCES. These pictures are with his Build-A-Bear and he has definitely added a few pounds and inches!

On March 16 Erin’s friend, Crystal, had her baby and she is a cutie! She only weighed 4 lbs. 14 ozs. and is now home and doing great. This is Lexi and Grant. We thought Grant was so little - he makes more than two of her!

Ashley made this cake for Crystal and Lexi's baby shower! She gets better all the time.

The last two pictures were just too cute not to post. The first one is not very clear but you can see his dimple!