Wednesday, May 21, 2008

POX!!!! (And More)

In the time it took me to pick up Luke from school and drive home these kids contracted some new kind of pox and when they got out of the car I couldn’t decide whether to take them to the ER or spend the next few minutes slowly torturing them by peeling these off their faces. Beware of Sticker Pox!

As promised, here is a picture of Erin’s graduation ring from Russ. So beautiful!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that Ashley and I sat outside and enjoyed a shade tree. Rylee and Parker enjoyed it as well. We just couldn’t get that fake smile off of Rylee’s face. She is such a monkey!We celebrated Russ’ 23rd birthday on May 15! We had a Mexican dinner and cooked chicken enchiladas, Mexican salad, Spanish rice, cheese dip, and tacos (Thursday is always “Taco Thursday” at the Oguin house). Everyone loved the Mexican salad and still wanted to eat it after Erin dropped in all in the floor (we all got one serving but wanted more). Belle and Zoe (our Shihtzus) jumped right in and tried to devour it all before we could get it cleaned up. Ashley made Russ a Razorback cake and it was sooooo cute. Happy 23rd to Russ…….And, last but not least, Erin officially started her intern job at LeBonheur on Monday. She will be very busy for a few weeks during orientation with classes and clinical shifts. Next week she will be working 48 hours. On the way home Monday, while still in downtown Memphis, a girl slammed into the back of Erin's car and really messed up her bumper. Erin loves her Maxima and was not very happy. No one was hurt but the girl that hit her was really carrying on and crying and wouldn't even speak to Erin. Erin was thoroughly disgusted by the time she got home.

Erin's birthday is tomorrow so maybe things will start looking up........

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


The anticipation of seeing Erin walk across that stage was nothing compared to actually seeing her get her diploma. I know she wanted to jump up and down. I was so very proud of her! Having watched my two beautiful daughters receive their nursing degrees is just the best feeling – knowing that they chose to give care and healing to others for a lifetime! So many times I have seen quotes on T-shirts and coffee cups, etc., that say “It takes a special person to be a Nurse.” That is so true because it is such a demanding and stressful job – especially with both choosing ICU careers – Ashley works in an adult ICU and Erin will be in a neonatal ICU. These patients are the sickest in the hospital and sometimes it is not a pleasant job. I am so blessed to have these two beautiful young women who choose to work hard and assist in healing the sickest patients and also who love to laugh and play with their friends and family.

Now back to graduation! It was fun to see so many of the graduating nurses with “R N” in glittery jewels on the top of their hats. No other college (i.e. education, fine arts, et al) was having as much fun as these nurses. They worked so hard for a few years doing care plans, performing clinical rotations, and doing research time and time again that they definitely just wanted to have fun on “their day.”

This is Erin and her friend, Crystal, as they were filing out of the Convocation Center. Do they look happy and/or relieved????

After graduation we all went back to Mike’s for another great BBQ dinner. Ashley made her a special cake and it was so cute. Check it out!!!

Erin received a BEAUTIFUL diamond ring from Russ. Good Job Russ! I’ll have to get a picture of that and add it later. Ashley and her family gave her a new watch – you know a nurse must have a good watch with a second hand that you can actually see. She got so many nice things from her family and friends. She was smiling all day!!

Check out the weather warnings on the TV. A tornado hit Stuttgart and one of Erin's friends who lives there called and said it was so scary.

I could say my job is done since Erin graduated but that wouldn’t be true. I look forward to many more years of achievements and special accomplishments from my entire family and I will continue to be so proud of each and every one of them……..

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Last night was Erin’s pinning ceremony at the ASU Student Center. It was obvious that all the NEW nurses were very excited to be graduating and starting their careers. Governor Beebe was there to give them a motivational speech – I am pretty sure he used to be a used car salesman and was going to break out his can of hair spray at any minute! Actually he had a few funny stories to tell but he is still a politician. He reminded the nurses to all be sure to give back to the university as they enter their careers. I think between the tuition, housing, and 15 pound text books that completely fill a whole bookcase (and cost $200 each) they have contributed enough for a while. He must think their education was free. (I'm sure they will give back when the time is right.)

I am sooooo proud of Erin! I’ll post pictures after graduation…..

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I have the most awesome family EVER!!! Mike called on Saturday night and said he was cooking steaks for everyone on Sunday and to come at 1:00. Russ came over at about 10:00 on Sunday morning and said they were going to church and I told him I would see them after as I didn’t feel really great and was afraid I would have a coughing attack in church. When I drove out at about 1:15 and pulled into the long drive up to Mike’s house I immediately saw so many cars and thought he must have asked the rest of his family out also. Then I saw my sister’s car and I knew something was up. I looked into the carport and saw the tables, the cake, and all the decorations set up for my 60th birthday. It was the best surprise ever and, of course, made me cry. When everyone started coming out of the house I started greeting everyone and then saw my best friend, Joan, from Little Rock (our friendship goes back to the 7th grade) and her sister, Susan, and husband, Ray. I had not seen her since I first went to New Orleans in 2006 and it was such a wonderful gift to have them there. I was also so happy to see my Mom and Sister there from Little Rock. It was so special to also have Grannie, Ronnie, Mary, Mary Bob, Larry, Steve, Mattie, Abby, and Kaye Butler and her girls, Mary Margaret and Taylor there.

I got some awesome presents and am so thankful for each one. The girls and their families gave me a video picture frame which I love and have already put to work showing my thousands of pictures. I have had my eye on those for some time. Joan, Susan, and Ray brought me two beautiful bags and some Bath and Body Works lotions (my favorite). Susan embroidered the bags and also made me a cross that is so beautiful. She also makes the crosses on her embroidery machine and Ashley and Erin both wanted to take it away from me. (I don't think so!) Susan thinks she is still in the learning stages on her machine but she is way better than that! Kaye made me an apron (finally – ha!) and I love it. I have been wanting one for so long and she did a great job (Kaye: Erin is trying to steal it from me – what’s up with that?) Lynda brought me a beautiful plant (she bought me a gorgeous sweater earlier for my birthday to wear for Easter) and Mom gave me money (she knows her daughter well). Pete’s Mom sent me a Cinnabon candle and it smells good enough to eat. And last but certainly not least – Luke drew me a precious picture of me and him and I will treasure it forever. Thanks to each and every one for the special presents!
Kaye made a DVD which was so much fun to watch. Erin had given her lots of pictures of me and my family to use and she put some of my favorite music on it - I love it! Thanks Kaye!

We had some great food. Mike had his “Ponderosa” looking good and cooked his famous Boston butt and we had all the trimmings! YUM! The decorations were beautiful - white and yellow tulips in vases with lemons and limes. Erin said the florist had to call several places to find the tulips but she wouldn’t let the girl at the florist give up until she found them. Ashley made the cake and, as always, it was beautiful.

Lynda was taking all the pictures so I’ll have to get them from her.

Luke ended up in the pool before the day was out and it was soooooo cold. I don’t know how he did it but he certainly had fun. He always has to take a dip as soon as Mike opens the pool and way before it gets warm enough to swim.

With all that said – IT WAS SUCH A WONDERFUL DAY! I have never had a surprise party and couldn’t imagine a better one than the one I had. Ashley and Erin - you light up my life!!! I am so very thankful for the love of my family and all they do for me..............

Saturday, May 3, 2008


The past three days I have been in Branson, Missouri, with a girl friend I met while in New Orleans. Kathy drove down from St. Louis and we had a great time just catching up since I had not seen her in a year. Branson is a beautiful place up in the mountains and EVERYTHING is built on the side of a hill. We stayed at a resort on Table Rock Lake which was very nice and also a peaceful place to relax.

Our last night there brought severe storms and this is what I saw as I drove home on Friday through the Bee Branch/Damascus area. Three people were killed in this area for a total of 8 killed throughout the state.

Devastating for so many......