Monday, February 23, 2009


What happens when a NICU Nurse has a NICU Baby? It is a lot different being on the outside looking in than being on the inside looking out. Erin will now have much more compassion and understanding of what is involved when your baby is sick. Although she had a lot of compassion and understanding before - it just takes on a whole new meaning. Grant had such great nurses to help us through the entire process and we are very thankful for their expertise. Two of the nurses had been NICU nurses for over 25 years (each). We would leave scratching our heads over all the information we tried to consume while visiting Grant.

That being said there are so many people to thank and I’m sure I will leave someone out but I‘ll try anyway….


God - We know you healed Grant and we are thankful for all of the answered prayers!

Doctors and Nurses - To Dr. Stern, the neonatologists, and all of the NICU nurses and OB Nurses at Baptist Women’s Hospital - we thank you for taking great care of Erin and Grant.

Our Family - Whether you were here or in Tennessee, Kansas, Texas, or in all areas of Arkansas or another state - we felt your love and prayers. Tyra, thank you for letting me know that almost the entire town of Mena was praying for Grant. That is awesome!

Our Friends - There is nowhere to begin with this one. So many friends were praying in Wynne, St. Louis, New Orleans, Jonesboro, Rogers, Little Rock, Fayetteville, Trumann, just to name a few!!! You will all remain in our hearts forever. (To my Wade Sisters - thank you for sending encouraging messages every day - I love you all!)

Churches - I know entire churches were praying for Grant and we will never forget what you have done for us. As Bro. Matt said the day Grant came home, “God is good.” A special thank you to Bro. Matt Pearson and Jeff Brawner (my nephew who is a minister in a Memphis church) for their trips to the hospital to pray with Erin and Russ.

We have so very much to be thankful for today and will forever be grateful for each and every person in our lives! I hope you all get the chance to love on Baby Grant soon!


Kaye Butler said...

He's so pretty! I thinking he looks like his grammy in the last picture.