Thursday, July 5, 2007

More Beach Pics 2007

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Orange Beach June 23-30, 2007

There is never ever enough time! All year long our anticipation for our vacation grows and grows and then we leave for the beach and way too soon it is over and it seems like we just got there. We had an even greater vacation this year because we FINALLY had Russ along - something we had looked forward to for so long. Our days were filled with lounging in the sun (well, that's what the girls did) and eating lots of good food. While the girls did most of the lounging the guys played in the sand and the surf! Luke was even better this year on his skim board and Rylee was a tiny bit better about getting closer to the water. Pete and Russ played lots of paddle ball and their muscles grew by leaps and bounds but I'm not sure the body slams in the sand did them any good at all. I have to say they really put their heart into it (they are secretly hoping paddle ball will be added as a new Summer Olympics sport so they can compete)! Everyone enjoyed swimming in the pool. Also while there our activities included miniature golf, go-carts, deep sea fishing (Russ, Pete & Luke), and shopping (Ashley, Erin, Rylee & Me). Now we have to accept that it is over and start looking forward to next year where once again we will say "let's move down here" knowing all along that it wouldn't be a special place if we actually did live there. Until next year......