Monday, February 9, 2009


Grant’s birthday will be February 12!! Erin will go into the hospital on Thursday to be induced at 5:00 AM. Dr. Stern gave her the option of today or Thursday and she chose Thursday. If she had elected to have him today she would have had to sit in the waiting room until someone else delivered and the room was cleaned. There was no room in the inn today for any more babies. Also if she had chosen today he would have been born at Methodist Germantown Hospital. Instead he will be born at Baptist Women’s Hospital which is beautiful. The labor and delivery room is the same room she will stay in the whole time. Rylee was born at Baptist Hospital and Parker was born at Methodist so we are familiar with both hospitals.

We are praying for a quick easy delivery and a healthy Mom and baby! I hope to post pictures soon after his birth so stay tuned……


Kaye Butler said...

I can really tell the baby has dropped.

M & M said...

Hey Sandy,
Tell Russ & Erin that I can't wait to visit them. I hope that baby Grant will like his new room. well I have to get ready for school and I'll talk to you later! love ya'll very much.