Wednesday, May 14, 2008


The anticipation of seeing Erin walk across that stage was nothing compared to actually seeing her get her diploma. I know she wanted to jump up and down. I was so very proud of her! Having watched my two beautiful daughters receive their nursing degrees is just the best feeling – knowing that they chose to give care and healing to others for a lifetime! So many times I have seen quotes on T-shirts and coffee cups, etc., that say “It takes a special person to be a Nurse.” That is so true because it is such a demanding and stressful job – especially with both choosing ICU careers – Ashley works in an adult ICU and Erin will be in a neonatal ICU. These patients are the sickest in the hospital and sometimes it is not a pleasant job. I am so blessed to have these two beautiful young women who choose to work hard and assist in healing the sickest patients and also who love to laugh and play with their friends and family.

Now back to graduation! It was fun to see so many of the graduating nurses with “R N” in glittery jewels on the top of their hats. No other college (i.e. education, fine arts, et al) was having as much fun as these nurses. They worked so hard for a few years doing care plans, performing clinical rotations, and doing research time and time again that they definitely just wanted to have fun on “their day.”

This is Erin and her friend, Crystal, as they were filing out of the Convocation Center. Do they look happy and/or relieved????

After graduation we all went back to Mike’s for another great BBQ dinner. Ashley made her a special cake and it was so cute. Check it out!!!

Erin received a BEAUTIFUL diamond ring from Russ. Good Job Russ! I’ll have to get a picture of that and add it later. Ashley and her family gave her a new watch – you know a nurse must have a good watch with a second hand that you can actually see. She got so many nice things from her family and friends. She was smiling all day!!

Check out the weather warnings on the TV. A tornado hit Stuttgart and one of Erin's friends who lives there called and said it was so scary.

I could say my job is done since Erin graduated but that wouldn’t be true. I look forward to many more years of achievements and special accomplishments from my entire family and I will continue to be so proud of each and every one of them……..


ButlerFamily said...

We are so proud of Erin...

We love you all
Kaye, Tim, Mary Margaret and Taylor