Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I have the most awesome family EVER!!! Mike called on Saturday night and said he was cooking steaks for everyone on Sunday and to come at 1:00. Russ came over at about 10:00 on Sunday morning and said they were going to church and I told him I would see them after as I didn’t feel really great and was afraid I would have a coughing attack in church. When I drove out at about 1:15 and pulled into the long drive up to Mike’s house I immediately saw so many cars and thought he must have asked the rest of his family out also. Then I saw my sister’s car and I knew something was up. I looked into the carport and saw the tables, the cake, and all the decorations set up for my 60th birthday. It was the best surprise ever and, of course, made me cry. When everyone started coming out of the house I started greeting everyone and then saw my best friend, Joan, from Little Rock (our friendship goes back to the 7th grade) and her sister, Susan, and husband, Ray. I had not seen her since I first went to New Orleans in 2006 and it was such a wonderful gift to have them there. I was also so happy to see my Mom and Sister there from Little Rock. It was so special to also have Grannie, Ronnie, Mary, Mary Bob, Larry, Steve, Mattie, Abby, and Kaye Butler and her girls, Mary Margaret and Taylor there.

I got some awesome presents and am so thankful for each one. The girls and their families gave me a video picture frame which I love and have already put to work showing my thousands of pictures. I have had my eye on those for some time. Joan, Susan, and Ray brought me two beautiful bags and some Bath and Body Works lotions (my favorite). Susan embroidered the bags and also made me a cross that is so beautiful. She also makes the crosses on her embroidery machine and Ashley and Erin both wanted to take it away from me. (I don't think so!) Susan thinks she is still in the learning stages on her machine but she is way better than that! Kaye made me an apron (finally – ha!) and I love it. I have been wanting one for so long and she did a great job (Kaye: Erin is trying to steal it from me – what’s up with that?) Lynda brought me a beautiful plant (she bought me a gorgeous sweater earlier for my birthday to wear for Easter) and Mom gave me money (she knows her daughter well). Pete’s Mom sent me a Cinnabon candle and it smells good enough to eat. And last but certainly not least – Luke drew me a precious picture of me and him and I will treasure it forever. Thanks to each and every one for the special presents!
Kaye made a DVD which was so much fun to watch. Erin had given her lots of pictures of me and my family to use and she put some of my favorite music on it - I love it! Thanks Kaye!

We had some great food. Mike had his “Ponderosa” looking good and cooked his famous Boston butt and we had all the trimmings! YUM! The decorations were beautiful - white and yellow tulips in vases with lemons and limes. Erin said the florist had to call several places to find the tulips but she wouldn’t let the girl at the florist give up until she found them. Ashley made the cake and, as always, it was beautiful.

Lynda was taking all the pictures so I’ll have to get them from her.

Luke ended up in the pool before the day was out and it was soooooo cold. I don’t know how he did it but he certainly had fun. He always has to take a dip as soon as Mike opens the pool and way before it gets warm enough to swim.

With all that said – IT WAS SUCH A WONDERFUL DAY! I have never had a surprise party and couldn’t imagine a better one than the one I had. Ashley and Erin - you light up my life!!! I am so very thankful for the love of my family and all they do for me..............


ButlerFamily said...

The party was so fun! I was afraid you would find out! I was honored to be there and it meant so much to me to be invited. You guys have always made the girls and I feel like part of your family. It really means alot, since half of my family is crazy and the other half live so far away!