Wednesday, May 21, 2008

POX!!!! (And More)

In the time it took me to pick up Luke from school and drive home these kids contracted some new kind of pox and when they got out of the car I couldn’t decide whether to take them to the ER or spend the next few minutes slowly torturing them by peeling these off their faces. Beware of Sticker Pox!

As promised, here is a picture of Erin’s graduation ring from Russ. So beautiful!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that Ashley and I sat outside and enjoyed a shade tree. Rylee and Parker enjoyed it as well. We just couldn’t get that fake smile off of Rylee’s face. She is such a monkey!We celebrated Russ’ 23rd birthday on May 15! We had a Mexican dinner and cooked chicken enchiladas, Mexican salad, Spanish rice, cheese dip, and tacos (Thursday is always “Taco Thursday” at the Oguin house). Everyone loved the Mexican salad and still wanted to eat it after Erin dropped in all in the floor (we all got one serving but wanted more). Belle and Zoe (our Shihtzus) jumped right in and tried to devour it all before we could get it cleaned up. Ashley made Russ a Razorback cake and it was sooooo cute. Happy 23rd to Russ…….And, last but not least, Erin officially started her intern job at LeBonheur on Monday. She will be very busy for a few weeks during orientation with classes and clinical shifts. Next week she will be working 48 hours. On the way home Monday, while still in downtown Memphis, a girl slammed into the back of Erin's car and really messed up her bumper. Erin loves her Maxima and was not very happy. No one was hurt but the girl that hit her was really carrying on and crying and wouldn't even speak to Erin. Erin was thoroughly disgusted by the time she got home.

Erin's birthday is tomorrow so maybe things will start looking up........


ButlerFamily said...

I can't believe someone hit Erin!I know how much she loves that car! She dreamed about it forever before she actually got it. Rylee and Parker look so relaxed! Oh, to be a Kid again! Blog is looking good!

M & M said...

I love your blog sandy.