Saturday, May 10, 2008


Last night was Erin’s pinning ceremony at the ASU Student Center. It was obvious that all the NEW nurses were very excited to be graduating and starting their careers. Governor Beebe was there to give them a motivational speech – I am pretty sure he used to be a used car salesman and was going to break out his can of hair spray at any minute! Actually he had a few funny stories to tell but he is still a politician. He reminded the nurses to all be sure to give back to the university as they enter their careers. I think between the tuition, housing, and 15 pound text books that completely fill a whole bookcase (and cost $200 each) they have contributed enough for a while. He must think their education was free. (I'm sure they will give back when the time is right.)

I am sooooo proud of Erin! I’ll post pictures after graduation…..