Tuesday, November 11, 2008


This pic was taken November 2.

Little Grant is growing big and strong and we are getting more and more excited. Christmas comes so fast and then it won’t be long until Grant will be here. I hope Erin enjoys every minute of her pregnancy (even though her back and everything else hurts sometimes). There is never another time when you don’t have to worry about where your child is, if they are safe, if they are hungry, or cold, or if they just need a hug!

Erin, the time goes so fast and before you know it Grant will be in Junior High and you will be shuttling him from one place to the other and wondering how he got to be so big.

So enjoy this time because it will be over way too soon…..


Kaye Butler said...

Thats such a good picture! I'm excited for her! She already looks like a natural!!!!

Hope your weekend went well.

See you tomorrow.