Saturday, November 29, 2008


There is a spot on patients’ charts where the doctor fills in any possible complications of pregnancy or risks for a certain patient. I think they automatically put “NURSE” in this blank spot when it applies. In the health world it is called the “Nurses’ Curse.” Now I am a believer. When Ashley had her last two kids she had emergency C-sections with both of them! With Parker the doctor even said he had never seen anything like what happened to Ashley. I told Erin we would have none of this “MAMA DRAMA” with her babies. Well, as usual, I was wrong wrong wrong!!!!!!!

Erin was admitted to the hospital on Thanksgiving Day with high blood pressure, high heart rate, and visual disturbances. They began treatment for preeclampsia with steroid shots to boost Grant’s lung function in case he had to be delivered. After a 24-hour observation period it was determined through lab tests, ultrasounds, and monitoring that this was not the case. I am SOOO thankful for that. She will be seeing a cardiologist next week to check on her symptoms but I am praying that this also checks out to be only pregnancy related changes that are not critical. Baby Grant looked great on his ultrasound!

Each grandbaby takes 10 years off my life with all of this stuff! Maybe we could do a rewind and the girls could pick a different occupation????

She will kill me for posting this picture when she was in triage!!

After her counts went DOWN!

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support…….


Kaye Butler said...

She looks pretty even though there was all that "Mama Drama" going on. Glad ya'll are home. I saw Luke last night at Colby's.

Mama Drama...not just for dead beat Mama's

Dianne said...

ou know Ashley can't get ALL the attention! Erin's got to have her fair share, too. So glad she and baby are both better. Keep us posted.