Sunday, November 23, 2008


We celebrated Parker’s 1st birthday yesterday and nobody had more fun than he did. Every time he opened a present he would clap his hands and grin so big. Ashley made him a carousel cake (carousel cakes are a tradition for our family for 1st birthdays). There was lots of good food to eat including sausage balls, pigs ‘n a blanket, chicken quesadillas, hot wings, veggies, and dips. He had so much fun digging into his little cake!

In the above picture he is trying to invite everyone to join him. He is so good at sharing!!

Parker has grown so fast and we all just want him to stay little. He is so precious and it always amazes me how fast these babies learn and grow. When Ashley or Pete say “let’s get your coat on” he walks to them and helps to put his coat on, he waves bye bye (sometimes when no one else is leaving but he is ready to go), he understands “no no” (no, we don’t say that constantly), and often will walk over to you and put his head on your knee and pats you like he is giving you a hug.


I think I am the luckiest Grammy in the whole world…………


Dianne said...

Are you just trying to make the rest of us look bad? If we didn't love you, you know we would SSSOOO have to dog you out! The pics are too cute.

Kaye Butler said...

Ashley makes the cutest cakes!!!! The pictures are cute, he is starting to look like his dad.

Kaye Butler said...

Hey! I have a surprise for you on my blog..check it out.