Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bears, Bandits, and Stingers

The first of the year Luke was busy with Upward Basketball.  His team, the Bears, did very well and Luke could really fly up and down the court. 

Then in the Spring he started baseball.  This was the first year for kid-pitched ball and he loves it.  He is the catcher and his enthusiasm shows in every play he makes.  He is on a traveling team (the Bandits) and this Fall is playing in tournaments (mostly out-of-town). 
Now he is playing football and has waited so long to wear that uniform!  The Stingers' first game is today and he is so excited.  His position is running back on offense and linebacker on defense.  He was timed as the fastest 4th grader.  Way to go Luke!  Can't wait to see you play....
Thank goodness he decided to give up soccer this year......


Kaye Butler said...

So Cute!!!!

He's keeping y'all busy.