Thursday, August 27, 2009


We had a great vacation this year and had a great condo just over the Perdido Pass Bridge in Orange Beach.  Our condo was huge with three bedrooms and three large bathrooms. 

Pete, Ashley, Luke, and Rylee went to the waterpark the first day we were there while the rest of us got settled in.  We had beautiful weather the entire week and the water was so clear.  However, there were a LOT of HUGE jellyfish hanging out at the edge of the shoreline. 

No one stopped from daylight til dark everyday swimming, eating, and playing in the sand and ocean.  Grant, Parker, and Rylee took a few naps when they couldn't possibly go anymore.  Rylee preferred the cool granite countertop for her naps! 
Grant turned 6 months old while we were there and also got his first TOOTH!!  He loved the beach and the swimming pool and also made the trip without a peep.  He said he couldn't wait until next year to go again.
We ate at some great places and Parker's favorite was Lulu's where he danced the night away.
I'll write more later - since I have a lot of catching up to do - in fact, the whole summer! 
Ashley took Luke and Rylee to watch the Blue Angels during their practice session and Luke got all of their autographs and loved talking to the pilots. 
The week, as always, went by way too fast!  We can't wait until next year either, Grant!


Kaye Butler said...

I heart this post!!! I love Rylee's picture, she looks like a young lady!!!

Sandy said...

Thanks Kaye! Just like your girls - she is growing up way too fast!!!