Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Ashley just returned this past Saturday night from attending a church mission trip called “World Changers.” About 80 people from her church went to Chattanooga, Tennessee, to work on projects for people in need. The group consisted of many young high school kids and a few adults. Ashley went along to serve as their nurse since these great kids were installing new roofs, painting houses, building porches, etc. She had a very busy week and was totally exhausted and said she couldn’t imagine how tired everyone else was as they worked in the terrible heat all week going to bed at midnight and getting up at 5:00 to start their day.

There were some difficult times at the beginning of the week. One young boy lost his Dad on Monday and had to return to Wynne. His Dad was only 38 and died of a heart attack. Outside of this tragedy she made trips to the hospital twice and had various other accidents and illnesses to treat.

They slept in a church basement and showered in tractor trailers that are often used during disasters such as hurricanes and tornados. Their reward came on Saturday morning when they all went white water rafting on the Ococee River. They all loved it and Ashley was so sore on Sunday morning she could barely move. Everyone was happy when they finally got home at about 11:00 Saturday night after a two hour delay on the interstate from a blow out on one of the church buses.

Luke and Rylee were so excited to see their Mom and she was so happy to see them as well. Parker didn’t seem to remember her and cried during the night. She was sad about that but I think it was late and he was just excited and couldn’t sleep – ha! Rylee, being almost 4, couldn’t understand why her Mom wasn’t coming home during the week and told Pete she thought she (her Mom) might be in jail. She was concerned she wouldn’t make it home in time to go to the beach in August. My sweet Rylee, she was far from being in jail!

Ashley said she would do it again in a second but that it was wonderful to get home and take a shower without flip flops on.

Ashley, thank you for being a wonderful role model for your children….