Sunday, July 27, 2008


What a great birthday! Rylee celebrated her 4th birthday yesterday at Chucke Cheese’s Restaurant and had so much fun. She had 12 kids there to wish her a Happy Birthday – 13 including Chucke! The kids played all the games, ate pizza and birthday cake, and had a special appearance by Chucke just for Rylee. He danced with them and posed for lots of pictures. She was a little leary and only wanted to look at him – not getting too close. One of the little girls at her party took off screaming – she obviously wanted NOTHING to do with him – and only came back after he had left.

Having a party there is what all parents should do – they do everything and the parents can just relax and watch it happen. They restaurant is very safe with kids going where ever they want and the doorman will not let any child out the door. (I wish I had thought of a restaurant like this – they make tons of money just selling coins for the games – no such luck - ha!)

I do not think she could have had a better party – next is Luke’s birthday tomorrow…..