Saturday, June 4, 2011


Reese is still in the hospital growing and just learning how to eat.  Last night she weighed 5 pounds.  She only lost down to 4 lbs 4 ounces so she has really done well.  The doctor told Erin the other day that she was doing "marvelous."  Such good news to hear.  She passed her hearing screening and all other screenings they have done.  Everyone in the NICU thinks she is just beautiful.  Of course we feel the same way.  She has been moved to the Continuing Care Unit which is just an extension of the NICU and the care is no different.  She only has her NG tube to complete her feedings in case she doesn't finish them.  She gets 20 minutes to eat and after that they tube what she didn't drink.  The reason for this is so she can rest.  Last night she took 50 cc's and that is close to her goal.  She must consistently take her goal feeling for a certain length of time before she can come home. 

We are very anxious to introduce Grant to his little baby sister!