Friday, January 1, 2010


Well, make that two ER visits!  My little Parker had an accident in Walmart last night - somehow falling out of the cart.  He had a bump on the head and a busted chin.  Ashley and Pete took him to the ER here in Wynne and they were so busy they didn't know when they could see him.  After an hour they still hadn't signed him in.  Soooo, Pete took the other kids home and I went with Ashley to the Forrest City ER.  Thank goodness they weren't busy and saw him right away.  They cleaned up his chin and put dermabond on it and said it didn't look like he had a concussion so he was all fixed up.  He was so good I couldn't believe it.  Whatever they asked him to do was fine with him. 

Anyway, these holidays are about to get the best of us.  I'm still thinking about that cruise but now we will have to go from Thanksgiving until New Year's Day to keep everyone safe. 

Also, when Parker was in the Wynne ER, Russ' grandmother was brought in with a broken hip after she fell at home.  Keep her in your prayers - she has had a tough year!  His other grandmother went in the hospital on Monday with a broken pelvis after a fall. 

Ashley and I got home right before Midnight to welcome a new year (lots of fireworks around my house) so I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! 


Kaye Butler said...

My is way too busy for you guys!@!@!@!@!