Friday, October 3, 2008


I work at a wonderful funeral home here in Wynne two days a week (for those who don’t already know that). Of course, how many people read this blog and don’t know that about me – my guess would be NONE. Don’t tell anyone but we have some fun times working at the funeral home – shhhh! (Is that normal?)

Soooo, today my sister (who works for a repo business) calls while I am at work and tells me that that were busy cleaning out some property they had taken from the vehicles they repossessed. The previous owners of the vehicles have the right to have their personal belongings returned to them. The young man who was doing the cleaning said there was a box among the property items and the tag read “Tennessee Creations.” Now you would normally think that a small black box with that TAG would probably be something really nice and it immediately made the girls’ curious. Then he broke the sad news that it was full of cement dust – like Quik Crete. The girls were very disappointed that there was no wonderful CREATION in the box. Upon further inspection it was then brought to everyone’s attention that the tag actually read “Tennessee CREMATIONS.” Someone’s loved one had been repossessed in June and evidently was not being missed at all.

I called Lynda when I got off work to get an update on the CREATION and she said the deceased person was actually the owner of the vehicle they had repossessed. Who said you can’t take it with you??? This person was actually taking his vehicle where ever he went and had a chauffeur to boot.

They are trying desperately to return this person to someone….


Dianne said...

I've always heard, "You can't get blood from a turnip". To which I have always replied, "Yes, but you can take the turnip". This puts a whole new spin on things. Oh, i know. Ya'll are starting a brand new service at the funeral home. If you don't pay your bill, they will come and repo your loved one. Or maybe, not so loved. Can I get in on the ground floor?