Friday, August 22, 2008


Oh, it was so hard to come home on Saturday!

Below are some things I have been meaning to put on this week but just haven’t found a lot of spare time! This probably won’t make a lot of sense but I wanted to get these pictures added.

On Wednesday it was raining so we went to the Navy Air Museum in Pensacola, Florida. There were many airplanes, displays, and flight simulators. The Blue Angels fly and train out of the Pensacola Navy Base. They would have been flying on Wednesday but the weather was too bad.

Parker proved to be a pretty good pilot….
And so did Luke….
And as you can see Rylee REALLY loved it…..

After the museum we went to The Track where they have miniature golf, rides, go-carts, and a video arcade – just what Luke ordered!

Even Rylee got to drive a go cart – they put this sign out just for her. The go cart tracks got progressively bigger and faster with the largest being a huge wooden track. Rylee and Luke were not allowed to drive these – THANK GOODNESS!!!

Thursday and Friday were beautiful beach days and we spent the whole day just enjoying the sand, beach, and sunshine.

Until next year......


Kaye Butler said...


Where is the picture of you driving a go-cart?

Great pictures, Parker is begining to look like a little man!