Sunday, April 27, 2008


Although I promised to be better about updating, that has yet proven to be true!!! When you are retired there is never enough time to get everything done - - who would have ever thought that?

That being said I must add a few “funnies” from my grandchildren (who are the main reason I stay so busy).

I was at the post office the other day and while sitting in the parking lot making out my check to mail to the IRS at the very last possible minute (YUK!) Rylee and Parker were in the back seat being very quiet. All of a sudden Rylee said “Grammy, you are wasting my time.” I laughed - thinking to myself “well, I think writing this check to the IRS is also a waste of MY time.”

I’m not sure what Rylee thought she should be doing instead! MAYBE THIS…………

Jumping on my couch singing a Hannah Montana song
One night last week Ashley and Pete must have been having a particularly chaotic time at home with three kids because Luke was talking to his Grammy Janet (Pete’s Mom) and said “You know my Mom didn’t mean to have all these kids but she loves us all anyway.” Luke, you are right – she does love all of you so very much and she meant to have every one of you!

Erin is loving her job at LeBonheur in the NICU. Last Thursday she had clinicals for school in Paragould (an hour and a half from home) then drove to Memphis to work 7P to 7A and then back to Jonesboro on Friday for a four hour test. Hopefully, she will get to rest in a few days – she is through with regular classes – only 4 final tests left - and then graduation on May 10. WhooooHooooo!!!

Erin recently hosted a wedding shower for a friend. She will be a bridesmaid and the shower was wonderful. Ashley is our cake decorator and is very good at it. It was scary when I had to make the cake at the last minute because Ashley ended up having to take Parker to the doctor.

Russ spent last Saturday replacing the siding on one side of their house that was blown off in a storm. He had never done this before but Russ can do or fix just about anything and it turned out great! We sometimes call him Bob Villa!!!

I am posting more pictures below but, first, some GREAT news. Baylee has completed her stem cell transplant with few problems, was released to the Ronald McDonald House and should now be back home in Kansas! Her family has been blessed with all the concerns and prayers being offered for them. Please continue to pray for her healing! She just had her first birthday!!! AND the day she had her break through party at the hospital her Mom and Dad got to tell her that she was getting a new baby sister in September!!! Congratulations go out to Brianna, Aaron, and Baylee!

Now for pictures!



Of course, the first one is Parker. I am just amazed at how much they look alike!!!

And Pete’s favorite basketball team is ??????????

Now for the best one of all!

I love these kiddos so much!!!

That's all for now. Will try to do better...............................