Tuesday, February 12, 2008


After a few days of stomach issues and lots and lots of crying I think Parker is finally back to normal. He definitely can only drink soy based formula! We thought he might be over not being able to drink milk based formula and tried it again since Ashley had $75.00 worth of formula sitting in the cabinet – but NO! Two days after trying that he was a mess! No one could put him down and he just screamed at the top of his lungs. Another lesson learned. As you can see now he is a HAPPY baby again!

“The Move”

We spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday moving Ashley’s family out of their house and mostly into storage units. Russ kept everyone motivated and kept saying we can get this done – just keep working!!! Erin was definitely just sick and tired of the whole thing by the time they got home Saturday night about 11:30. They will be living with Pete’s Mom until they decide about a new house. It was an exhausting task but when all was done everyone was happy. (Ashley just hopes they got the right things in the climate controlled storage unit and the others in the regular unit – we’ll see!) Pete’s Mom lives about 15 miles from Wynne. I told Erin yesterday it seems like they have moved out of state even though I don’t think I will see them any less. Luke and Rylee will be spending some nights with me to go to school the next morning and I will still keep them while Ashley works. I just got used to them being right around the corner.....