Friday, November 30, 2007

More Pics of Parker!!!

Just wanted to post a couple more pictures of Parker. They all made it home from the hospital yesterday and were so happy to get home. Parker is doing great and, so far, he is the best baby! He sleeps and eats and barely fusses at all. Did Ashley and Pete really get this lucky? Ashley feels much better and is getting around pretty good. She has a little swelling in her feet but during her surgery and afterwards they pumped her so full of fluids I suppose it will take a while to get rid of all of it. She is not a complainer so I have to keep a close eye on her!! HA! Check out Parker's Razorback hat. (Sorry about that to all my LSU friends.) Pete is already trying to get him on the recruitment list. Luke and Rylee love him to death, however, Rylee still says, "He's a GIRL." She was so insistent that Mom was going to have a "pink baby" I guess she still hasn't accepted she has a new baby BROTHER.....


ButlerFamily said...

He's beautiful!!!!! Congratulations to everyone! What a great Christmas present!

Kaye, Tim, Mary Margaret and Taylor

BF Joan said...

What a beautiful baby boy!! I just want to pick him up! I know all of you are thrilled. Praise God all ended in such a great way!
I really enjoy the pictures and will point the others in this direction.

BF Joan