Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First Day of School - Aug 2007

Luke and Rylee started school this week with Luke in the 2nd grade and Rylee starting Wee School at church. Luke’s first day was Tuesday and when everyone was ready to leave Ashley noticed that Rylee had her backpack on and was ready to go. She was so disappointed since her first day was not until Thursday. So, on Thursday she got ready again and had a great first day. The Wee School program is wonderful and they teach them so many things. Of course, with her being so smart (especially according to Grammy), she will do great. She has known her ABC’s for some time now and can count with the best of us so we will look forward to her coming home with new songs to sing and papers to show off. Luke still likes and excels in his classroom. He has decided not to play soccer this year and has narrowed his sports to basketball and baseball so far. Next year he will be able to play football. I hope they both have a great year…..


ButlerFamily said...


You have beautiful grandchildren!!! I know you are so proud of them (and Ashley, Erin, Russ and Pete)! Your page is looking great!

Love ya